Tom Powers, Executive Producer and Producer


The President and Executive Producer of Open Door is Tom Powers. He is a senior entertainment executive and lawyer based in Toronto with several years of high-level experience as an executive producer and creator of prime-time television, critically acclaimed films and recorded music. Tom launched Open Door in 2005 to produce “Content That Matters”. He is a CSA and Gemini Award nominee and has produced 9 prime time series, 5 feature documentaries and 2 major label albums. Current productions include TVO Originals Margin of Error and Political Blind Date (24×30’), as well as Intervention Canada (67×60’) for A&E/Blue Ant Media. Other notable productions include documentary feature Cracked Not Broken for HBO’s multiple award winning Addiction Series and Independent America – the Two Lane Search for Mom & Pop for Sundance Channel. Additional broadcasters include Discovery, CBC, Bell Media, Corus/Shaw, SVT, SBS and NHK, among others.


Peter Gombos, Director


Peter Gombos is a veteran director, writer and producer of documentary and factual TV series. Curious about a wide variety of subjects, Peter has produced projects from the Yukon to Indonesia that cover topics ranging from artificial intelligence and Atlantic fishing to extreme skydiving, dysfunctional families, Biblical archaeology and massive construction projects. He has created over 100 hours of programming for broadcasters including CBC, Global, TVO, Discovery Channel, History TV, National Geographic, and Amazon Prime.


Eric Lasby, Editor


Eric Lasby is an Emmy nominated editor with two decades of experience. Among his numerous projects, Eric was a key contributor for all the series of Anthony Bourdain, acting as both an editor and edit director throughout. For this work he received an Emmy nomination for editing, as well as two Ace Eddie nominations – one of which he won in 2012. In 2015, he edited a documentary feature for CNN Films, Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, which was selected for the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, and had a 2017 theatrical release. Recent projects include such work on the Discovery series Legends of the Deep, starring the grandchildren of legendary Ocean Explorer Jacques Cousteau, and In the Making, a lyrical series for CBC that profiles artists of various disciplines at the moment of creation. Eric is frequently called upon for his ability to help visualize projects of a unique nature.