(2009 – SVT and The Swedish Film Institute, 80’ and 52’)
Black Nation
takes an uncompromising look at the state of Black men in America today. Despite the fact that a Black man has reached the most powerful office in the world, young Black men remain increasingly caught in the double jeopardy of crime and unemployment. Set within the framework of a Father’s Day service at the controversial Detroit Shrine of the Black Madonna, Matts Hjelm’s daring film tracks the desperation and exhaustion of the Church’s congregation, while highlighting their hope and struggle for a better future. World Premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival and screened at an additional 12 festivals around the world. Backed by Swedish broadcaster SVT and The Swedish Film Institute, and broadcast on CBC/Doc, NHK and SBS, among others.

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Black Nation

(2009 – SVT and The Swedish Film Institute, 80’ and 52’) theatrical feature documentary takes a hard look at the state of black manhood in America, through the prism of the streets of Detroit past and present and that city’s controversial Church of the Black Madonna.